Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Adrian Frutiger!

Adrain Frutiger is Swiss typeface designer and is one of the most important designers of the time. He was born in Interlaken, Switzerland on May 24, 1928. When he was a child he experimented with invented scripts and stylized handwriting in disapproving response to formal writing because Swiss schools then required cursive penmanship. He wanted to study sculpture but his father and schoolteachers were unenthusiastic about it and wanted him to work in printing. His passion for sculpture has influenced him in his type work. At 16 he was the apprentice of the printer Otto Schaerffli, for 4 years, as a compositor. He began to work at Deberny and Peignot foundry, at which he invented a few typefaces that got him recognized and Peignot gave him the job to convert the extant typeface for the new phototypesetting. In 1957 he invented, the most notable, type face Univers. This typeface changed how fonts were organized and titled by using a two number system in which the first set defines weight, while the second defines width and position. He has created several other typefaces that have gained him world recognition; his fonts are the most widely known and used, however Univers is the most notable.


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