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I believe this ONE is is a great example for the speech project. It uses imagery and hierarchy along with creative motions to suggest words that didn't need to be there. It was like there was nice breathing room. The timing was down. Although I don't think we'll be able to use a lot of images on our project we can still take note of this video.

This ONE is just on point. Good breaks and timing is great.

Another Motion

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Monday, March 7, 2011

Blog (from 2-28)

-What are the advantages of a multiple column grid.?

A multiple column grid helps in fitting lots of text within one spread while still keeping the text organized in an aesthetically pleasing fashion.

-How many characters is optimal for a line length? words per line?

About 6-8 words.

-Why is the baseline grid used in design?

The baseline grid is used mainly for to organize spreads.

-What is a typographic river?

A typographic river are the white spaces running through the paragraphs of text.

-From the readings what does clothesline or flow line mean?

They separate columns horizontally to create a better alignment.

-How can you incorporate white space into your designs?

White space can be used to group certain bodies of text

-What is type color/texture mean?

Size, tracking, leading, weight of text, etc.

-What is x-height, how does it effect type color?

X-height refers to the height of the baseline in relationship to a lowercase x

-In justification or H&J terms what do the numbers: minimum, optimum, maximum mean?

Minimum - lowest space allowed

maximum - most space allowed

optimum - preferred space allowed

-What are some ways to indicate a new paragraph. Are there any rules?

The most common example is the indenting of a new paragraph. However, you can use different line spacing, change of typographic color, etc.

-What are some things to look out for when hyphenating text.

Using the right dashes to convey the right message.

-What is a literature?

-What does CMYK and RGB mean?

C- Cyan M- Magenta Y - Yellow K - Black. R - Red G - Gree B - Blue

-What does hanging punctuation mean?

Punctuation that does not interrupt the alignment of the text, so they are usually set outside of the box of text.

-What is the difference between a foot mark and an apostrophe?

A foot mark is straight up and down, while an apostrophe curves

-What is the difference between an inch mark and a quote mark (smart quote)?

An inch make has both marks going straight up and down, while quote marks usually curve and alternate directions.

-What is a hyphen, en dash and em dashes, what are the differences and when are they used.

Hyphen - short dash; usually to conjoin something. En dash - longer dash; indicates "through" i.e Monday through Friday. Em dash - longest dash; indicates a long pause.

-What are ligatures, why are they used, when are they not used, what are common ligatures

A ligature occurs where two or more graphemes are joined as a single glyph.


Daniel Pink

The single example of design thing that inspired him most was the eraser, “in all of its carnations.” Because it allows you to make a mistake and when you can make a mistake you can create.

He wants design to solve systems. He talks about education, health care, housing, and system of transportations. Saying that if we had design thinking applied to those systems it would make it better.

Jessica Hische

The thing that influences her the most is the new students in design. Because she grew a lot as a designer while she was in college and graduated in 2006 and she is excited/frightened/motivated to see what the new batch of design students have.

What inspired her most is the Smashing Pumpkins Album. What inspired her most about it is the style, the cohesiveness, and the typography.

She thinks we need to solve the death of print. How she thinks to solve it is the pricing of print and how they pay designers to design for this medium.

Jake Mccabe

The thing that most inspires him is an 8.5 x 11 sheet of uncoated paper. To him it represents the opportunity. . It’s more of a luxury now because we’re looking at our resources and thinking of different things to use. He loves when his pencil hits the paper.

The thing to solve as designer is the issue of sustainability. Create something that we haven’t been told to create.

Khoi Vinh

What inspires him most is the Internet. It’s organic, unpredictable and at the same time it’s man made. It’s going to change everything.

Design should solve the crisis of identity. Designers need to stop selling things and transform themselves into the makers of things. Don’t think about selling to the consumer but making better products for the people.

Ze Frank

The design that inspired him most is the game Werewolf. It is Social design that is most fascinating to him.

He thinks the thing that could be solved is everything. He would like to see many to one design, which is when many people come together to solve one problem.

These designers gave examples that applied to me as inspirations of design, the eraser, paper, and Internet. I think that they all had good problems to solve but the most important one to me was what Khoi Vinh said and that is to design for the people rather than just designing to sell.

If I had to answer these questions I would say that the single example of design that inspires me most is, I have to say it, the PENCIL. Without it I wouldn’t be the designer I am today. At a young age I picked it up put it on a sheet of paper and drew. The issue I think we should solve is, I agree completely with Winh, to design for the people rather than just trying to sell to the people.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Jonathan Harris

Cold & Bold

An important statement that he makes at the beginning of his speech is that he got robbed at gunpoint and had his sketchbook, which he had been working on for 8 months, stolen from him. This made him decide to go digital.

He was working on a project for a couple months, a dating site. He then saw his idea executed much better which made him scrap two months of work and start over. I want you to want me is the name of the dating service he created. Using balloons to represent the individuals.

What he feels as a digital artist

Empathy - He talks about feeling inhuman. He gets caught up in being a good programmer, which in turn makes him a “bad” person or unfeeling person.

Rational Beings – You can become very detach from other people when you code too much.

The Act of Expression – It’s very hard to express yourself through code.

Resistance of the Medium

Housing Crisis – We should go to making our houses on the Internet more distinct rather than the same with different stuff inside.

Outcomes over Ideas – is this thing I’m building making the people better?

Sociopaths – Do we want just a few dozen people “controlling” our digital world?

Individuality – can technology help with self-reflection rather than just self-promotion?