Sunday, March 6, 2011


Jonathan Harris

Cold & Bold

An important statement that he makes at the beginning of his speech is that he got robbed at gunpoint and had his sketchbook, which he had been working on for 8 months, stolen from him. This made him decide to go digital.

He was working on a project for a couple months, a dating site. He then saw his idea executed much better which made him scrap two months of work and start over. I want you to want me is the name of the dating service he created. Using balloons to represent the individuals.

What he feels as a digital artist

Empathy - He talks about feeling inhuman. He gets caught up in being a good programmer, which in turn makes him a “bad” person or unfeeling person.

Rational Beings – You can become very detach from other people when you code too much.

The Act of Expression – It’s very hard to express yourself through code.

Resistance of the Medium

Housing Crisis – We should go to making our houses on the Internet more distinct rather than the same with different stuff inside.

Outcomes over Ideas – is this thing I’m building making the people better?

Sociopaths – Do we want just a few dozen people “controlling” our digital world?

Individuality – can technology help with self-reflection rather than just self-promotion?

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