Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This, That.

-Signs are shaped by different societies in different ways.

-We often use consumerist and mechanistic metaphors

-Societies have 2 basic sources of signing: natural and conventional

-Key Semiotic Concept:








-The same signifier can have different signifieds and different signifiers can have the same signifieds

-Symbol is used in a special sense to mean literally any sign where there is an arbitrary relationship between the signifier and signified

-In some cases there are deeper meanings to the message

-Messages are always carried through a medium. The medium may be:




-Non-literal forms of meaning (ex. Sarcasm) enable us to make the familiar seem unfamiliar and the unfamiliar seem familiar.

-The likening of one thing to another is called a simile

-Objects, images, and text can all be used to create metaphors

-Metaphors are often at their most interesting when they link something familiar to something unfamiliar

-Metonyms - when one thing is substituted for another in a piece of communication

-they use indexical relationships to create meanings

-synecdoche – using a part of something to stand for the whole thing, or the whole thing to stand for part.

-Part/Whole is one example there are also:

- between member and class

- species and genus

- an individual and a group

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