Thursday, February 24, 2011


Stefan Sagmeister

Being happy while experiencing design. Consumer standpoint.

Being happy designing. The designers’ standpoint.





These all have to do with the visualization of happiness.

Have to be cynical to show happiness. The works show happiness but with a dark side.

The speech bubble design was interesting because it involved the individuals in New York.

Important parts of his presentation.

-Thinking about ideas and content freely – with the deadline far away

-working without interruption on a single project.

-Using a wide variety of tools and techniques. (DON’T BE STUCK IN FRONT OF THE COMPUTER)

-Travel to new places

-Working on projects that matter (content is important)

-Having things come back from the printer done well

Trying to look good limits my life. I thought this was a good quote because if you always try to “look good” and don’t allow yourself for exploration, Ugly exploration, you’re limiting yourself to what you can make.

Stefan is popular because he uses humor.

JJ Abrams

The mystery box.

How he can trace back all of his success to his grandfather and the deconstruction of things. Also the mystery box being a source of unseen inspiration to him. It’s inspiring to know this because it allows me to look back at my life and my interactions with others and understand how I become inspired.

Scott McCloud

Learn from everyone

Follow no one

Watch for patterns

Work like hell

Embrace your nature.

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