Sunday, February 13, 2011


Good design...

1. Is Innovative - There are always opportunities for innovative design.
2. Makes a Product Useful - product is bought to be used. Its functional, but also psychological and aesthetic. It doesn't detract from purpose.
3. Is Aesthetic - Only well-executed objects can be beautiful.
4. Makes a Product Understandable - The product is self-explanatory.
5. Is Unobtrusive - Design should be neutral and restrained.
6. Is Honest - Doesn't make the product more valuable than it really is.
7. Is Long-Lasting - Avoids being fashionable. Will last years. Timeless.
8. Is Thorough, down to the last detail - Every detail makes sense on the design.
9. Is Environmentally Friendly - Contribution to preservation of the environment.
10. Is as little Design as possible - Be Simplistic.

Don Norman. Design and Emotion.

Beauty and function .Shape and balance. These are components that Don Norman believes what makes good design "happy." How it makes the consumer happy. An example he uses is of Googles' oooo's to represent the pages. Simple but smart and fun. He talks about fun being able to help the design.
The 3 emotions are sub-concious, you're unaware of it.
Visceral. Fear and anxiety changes the way a person thinks. Use it to help think outside the box and use the anxiety to keep you focused. If you're happy things work better because you're more creative.
Behavioral. It's all about feeling in control which includes usability and understanding but also the feel.
Reflective. The design/product is reflective of the consumer.

Thoughtful question: Functionality is part of design. Would a product that could function better than a better looking product make the consumer more happy? Does this conflict with your theory?

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